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While many of us need this in the best of times, most of us need an entirely new wellbeing playlist in the wake of COVID-19. Take only what works for you, as we will have our unique recipes for balance, and please feel free to add additional ideas and suggestions in the comments. Many of the items are also friendly for families with young children. Through prayer, we can connect with God and receive his comfort and peace while dealing with a stressful work situation. Listening to a Christian podcast or attending a mid-week service is another way to connect with God during a hectic week. First of all, cleaning and doing house upkeep focuses your attention on something other than work.

Professional Development Goals: Steps and Examples

Remember to leave all work-related stuff aside when you take these breaks. Having people you can rely on during tough times can alleviate some of the built-up tension. Sometimes, you may lack the authority needed Ways to Destress After Work to delegate functions to other members of staff. However, you can still request additional help with a project to make your job easier. Aside from stretching, light massage can help you de-stress at work.

Embrace Setbacks and Career Fails

  • When you’ve experienced worry and chronic stress for an extended period, your mind may tend to jump to conclusions and read into every situation with a negative lens.
  • Routine exercise can help improve the way your body uses oxygen and helps you cope with stressful situations.
  • If you aren’t into drawing or painting, consider coloring in a coloring book.
  • Reading the Bible is another way to unwind after work, as it puts your focus back on God.
  • If the stressors can’t be resolved on your own, work with your boss to address the issues and come up with solutions.
  • There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to stress relief, however.

With TV, you have to be careful that watching TV doesn’t take up all your free time. However, I suggest Friends as a great option to get some laughs. But I am totally biased here since it is my all-time favorite TV show.

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Applying pressure to these points will lessen agitation and enhance stress alleviation. Your fingers will also benefit from a massage, especially if you’ve been tapping away at your keyboard for hours. An example is stretching, which relaxes muscles and reduces the pulse rate.

Prioritize Exercise

When stress becomes overwhelming or chronic, it can affect your well-being. That’s why it’s essential to have effective stress relievers that can calm your mind and body. If you’re finding it hard to cope with stress at work, consider speaking with a mental health professional. Performance anxiety may also lead you to experience higher stress levels in the workplace. For example, if deadlines increase your stress levels, you might need to ask for longer lead times or start earlier.

Ways to Destress After Work

Dedicate time to hobbies

Ways to Destress After Work

Yep, talking to yourself or about yourself in third person is a form of exerting self-control over negative emotions. A few laps around the block can help you forget previous tension and relax so you return to the situation calmer and more collected. It can involve mentally going over what you’re looking forward to in the rest of your evening, or texting a loved one and refocusing your attention to your life.

  • Even if you’re a beginner, VS Code’s user-friendly interface guides you through common Git actions like pushing and pulling code, creating and merging branches, and committing code changes.
  • To combat stress and burnout, employers are increasingly offering benefits like virtual mental health support, spontaneous days or even weeks off, meeting-free days, and flexible work scheduling.
  • He recommends them, but cautions that you won’t see immediate results.
  • Despite these efforts and the increasing number of employees buying into the importance of wellness, the effort is lost if you don’t actually recover.

Before bed, I often stretch and do a few sun salutations, too, to quiet my racing thoughts. Here are 13 simple and relaxing ways to unwind after work without alcohol. Use these tips and tricks to help you “leave work at work” and relax after a stressful day.

Ways to Destress After Work

Taking a walk and going outside

By sharing what’s on your mind, you don’t keep your stress bottled up, which often leads to an outburst at home or work. Also use your commute to mentally transition from work to home. Research has shown that thinking about something that you’re grateful for each day also reduces stress. While stress at work is common, finding a low-stress job is hard (if not impossible). A more realistic approach is to adopt effective coping strategies to reduce stress at your current job.

  • If this sounds like you, now is the time to take the reigns and make your commute a time to shrug off the stress of the day.
  • One review concluded that meditation lives up to its reputation for stress reduction (1).
  • Metta, or loving-kindness meditation, is a practice of developing positive feelings, first toward yourself and then toward others.
  • Meditation develops mental awareness and can help you manage triggers for unwanted impulses.
  • But you’ll be more likely to succeed when you can acknowledge the issues, take a deep breath and keep moving forward.

Adjust your lifestyle

While perfectionism has some positive benefits, it can also be highly stressful and lead to burnout. If you’re having a hard time with an incredibly challenging work week, try asking parent friends if they can help carpool your kids to school on certain days. Taking even a few minutes of personal time during a busy day can help prevent burnout caused by chronic work stress. Keeping a journal to track your stress triggers and reactions may help. You can include people, places, and events that cause you a physical, mental, or emotional response. Experiencing work strain is unavoidable — even if you love what you do.

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